To work with communities to end poverty by enabling and empowering them to be united, strong, skillful and independent



Recent flooding in Pakistan has brought a lot of pain. A large number of families have been displaced from their homes, villages, and cities to no shelters and no roof over their heads. Lots of families have been affected by the recent flood. Please pray and help them to get shelter over their heads along with their kids.

JECUP respond to the present flood and heavy rain has visited the flood-affected areas on 13 & 14th October 2022, it has supported 145 families with food hampers, household items, Mosquito nets, tents, and cash grants Pak Rs.10,000/- to each family, in different areas such as Basti Raiz Bloch, District Rajanpur southern Punjab with the support of RBN, the Netherland. We pray that May God takes care of these people and protects them from all difficulties.

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