Welcome to JECUP

Joint Efforts for Community Uplift to Prevail (JECUP) is a charitable, non-political, non-sectarian voluntary Social Welfare Organization founded by 7 like-minded professionals. It is registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. JECUP is serving the people above all cast, creed and sects. It is striving to uplift the poor and needy communities in the slum areas of District Lahore, Punjab. JECUP works for the development and relief of marginalized communities on the basis that all individuals irrespective of race, faith, color, sex, economic status, or political opinion have the right to choose how to live. The organization assists communities to achieve economic prosperity and improve human and social capital through participatory endeavors, which liberate families and enhance their capacities to take control over their lives.  Our motto is “Striving for community uplift”.

Our Programs

JECUP is currently providing services to the underprivileged through four main programs namely:

1. Rehabilitation Program for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs): Most rural areas are neglected by large government organizations and therefore lack quality health services. One such area is Raiwind and its outskirts. JECUP through its Disabled Support Centers in Raiwind and Mangamandi is providing its services of physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, home based treatment, counseling and provision of orthopedic appliances to PwDs suffering from Polio, Rickets, Club foot, Cerebral Palsy and Mentally Challenged etc.

3. Community Development Program: JECUP through Community Development program is empowering and strengthening Churches in mobilizing community with resource identification from within the community. It is establishing the the vulnerable and neglected groups of the community; Women and youth. The development projects like Self-help group, UMOJA, skills training, and career planning are leading the communities on the path of prosperity and success.

2. Rehabilitation Program for brick kiln workers: This program has been designed to cater the needs of Brick kiln workers. Under this program we are running four projects such as Provision of Healthcare services through Mobile Health Unit, Adult Literacy Program, Sewing & Embroidery training centre. Along with consortia JECUP is paying off the debts of the Brick Kiln workers and is providing them with a food parcel (worth 3000 Rupees/parcel) every month.

4. Disaster and Emergency Response Program: Since 2014, JECUP is providing the Disaster victims with immediate Medical and emergency relief i.e. distribution of food rations, etc.

Recent Post

Opening Ceremony of Training Centers

With the continuous financial support of Tearfund (UK) from 2016, JECUP is working with marginalized communities in the areas of Samnabad town (Lahore) and surrounding villages of Raiwind. Females are mostly uneducated unskilled. Many of them belong to deprived families and are compelled to take job as domestic workers where they are mistreated and abused …

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It is great honor for us to share the successful report of UMOJA TOT Training report. I think there are many organizations who are doing good work. So why are we doing this? I think God has called us to facilitate our community, to have a diverse impact. We visited these needy areas, we teach, …

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Training for Self-Help group (women)

This is brief report of the one day training workshop on the topic, “Business management & entrepreneurship”, with women of skill training centres and Self Help Group Samanabad, Lahore organized by JECUP, Pakistan in partnership with Tearfund, UK, 2019, from 6:00 pm to 8:30pm, and heldat ChurchSamanbad, Lahore.The teachers and students of different sewing and …

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New Sewing Center, Church of Pakistan, Raiwind Diocese

8th April 2019 The registered candidates were 26, who were given an introduction of JECUP and the benefits that are available to them through these trainings. The venue for ceremony was located in Christian Colony, Raiwind. Duration of training: April 2019-September, 2019 Anum: I am really very thankful for opening this center, this center is giving …

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