Certificate Distribution (UMOJA: A Community Development Training)

On the 5th of August, 2016 the trainees from 10 different churches were given certificates for their successful completion of the UMOJA Training. In which they were told about Integral Mission and Umoja, envisioning and equipping the church, envisioning the community, dreaming dreams and planning for actions and evaluation. Total number of 54 Trainees successfully completed these trainings held from May till July, 2016 at Assemblies of God Church, Yousaf Nagar, Lahore and Full Gospel Assemblies Church, Bakar Mandi, Lahore. We take this special moment to thank Mr. Ashraf Mall the Country Representative of Tearfund UK (Islamabad office) for attending this Ceremony as the Chief Guest and Mr. Khawar Gull, Project Officer in accompanying this visit. We are also grateful to Mr. Sarfaraz Barkat Principal of Umeed Gah to come all the way from Multan to witness this event. We are also thankful to Rev. Younis Inderyas, Rev. Yousaf Nawab, Rev. Zablun Danish and Rev. Abbas Akhtar for their special support in the training’s. Our sincerer thanks to our trainers Mrs. Nargis Azhar, Rev. Azhar Mushtaq, Rev. Arif Masih and Mrs. Zainee Arif who have put in their great effort to train these young boys and girls. At the end we would like to congratulate the trainees of UMOJA (Integral Mission) Training and pray that this training would enable the trainees to stand up and do something for their community from the resources they have.