Monitoring visit, Tear fund UK

Monitoring visit of Ashraf mall, Country Representative Tear fund UK and Khawar Gull Project Officer

5th of August, 2016 was the monitoring visit of Mr. Ashraf, country representative of Tearfund UK and Mr Khawar Gull Project Officer Tearfund UK. We are grateful to them for their visit to JECUP’s office and ongoing project. They visited and met the trainees of the 2 Tailoring training center and 1 Beautician training centers that is being funded by the Tearfund UK. They also SHG Group that was has been properly operating from the month of August. They also participated in the Certificate distribution ceremony of UMOJA (Integral Mission) Training.

Ashraf Sahib on his visit said:

Thanks for arranging the visit to JECUP project last week, we really enjoyed visiting the communities and the skilled training centers. It was great to see the training centers and the progress being made by the participants/students.  The two UMOJA/Community Development trainings given to the participants was also a good example of the different initiatives taken by JECUP. The JECUP team seems to be motivated and doing a good job with the different initiatives of the project.