How can you help?

To help continue our work, Individual supporters or Corporate can adopt one of our following projects for at least one year to meet its annual running cost and to ensure the continuation of health services for deserving patients and communities. Yearly project reports are available on our website.

Needs for Disaster and Emergencies Response Program

In emergency situation to help our brothers and sisters affected from disasters (natural or man-made) your help in the under-mentioned items would be highly admired. So that we would be ready before time.

  • Food Items: Clean Drinking water, Flour, sugar, lentils, rice, edible oil, tea, dry milk or tetra pack, nutritional supplements for children, biscuits etc.
  • Miscellaneous Items: Tents &Tarpaulins, water coolers, soaps, clothes, shoes, mosquito nets, toys for children and bedding.
  • Household Items: Kitchen sets, water tanks, slippers, mats, pillows, fans, mixed food bags, dry packs and suits mix tent large.
  • Agricultural Supplies: Seeds, fertilizers and agricultural equipment.
  • Livestock: New livestock.
  • Shelter: Rebuilding new homes.
  • Medical Relief: Healthcare facilities, Health kits, General medicine, General medical equipment’s and instruments.
  • Educational Facilities: Books and stationery

Needs for Disabled Support Center (DSC)

For helping the disabled support center you can help us through following ways:

  • Mobility Equipment’s/ Devices for PwDs: Wheel Chairs, Walkers, Crutches, Prosthetic devices and orthopedic devices, braces, CP Chair, Surgical Shoes, Hearing Aids and Cervical Collars etc.
  • You can either sponsor or adopt a PwDs or more for rehabilitation.
  • Equipment’s for Physiotherapy, Occupational & speech therapy

Needs of Brick Kiln Program

  • The children of workers should be given the opportunity to get free education.
  • Proper healthcare services and medicines should be provided at brick kiln.
  • Safe drinking water and facility of sanitation should be given.
  • Vocational training opportunity should be given to girls and women.
  • Awareness of their rights to the kiln workers.
  • The laborers should be given social security cards.

Individuals and corporate can contribute and/or sponsor the program/s with Zakat and Donations!

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