Socio Economic Empowerment of Widows

JECUP is working for the socio economic empowerment of widows and provide educational support to the children of widows since 2020 in partnership with Relief Board of the Netherland Reformed Congregation (RBN), the Netherlands, with the objective to strengthen them to create socio economic development opportunities for themselves to address their financial issues and problems. The following services are being provided;

  • Establishment of small business
  • Provision of educational material to the children of widows
  • Up scaling of small business established by widows
  • Create awareness about the health issues such as COVID 19 and Dengue
  • Organize different program on national and international days

Mobile Health Units (MHUs)

JECUP has a program to provide basic health care services to the most disadvange and marginalized communities of the society such as families of brick kiln workers, with the objective to provide low-cost and quality preventive and curative health care services to the families of brick kiln workers. The following services are being provided in partnership with Barnabas Fund- Uk;

  • Organize health awareness session on different health related issues
  • Organize free medical camps with professional medical team at brick kiln units

JECUP School System

JECUP has established 05 schools at brick kiln units in Raiwind under JECUP School System (JSS), in 2021, in partnership with Relief Board of the Netherlands Reformed Congregation (RBN), The Netherlands, with the objective to provide basic education to the children of brick kiln workers. The following services are being provided;

  • Basic education from class prep to class five
  • Provision of religious education
  • Organize social, social and religious events for the self groming and personality development of children
  • Organize educational trips and exposure programs for children and staff

Distribution of Food Packages in COVID-19 Lock-Down

JECUP team is not far from our needy brothers and sisters since COVID-19 outbreak caused the whole country put into lock-down. JECUP is thankful for generous support from:

  • Barnabas, UK,                                                       375 Families
  • Tearfund, UK,                                                        80 Families
  • Open Theological Seminary, Lahore,    15 Families
  • RBN, Netherland,                                              293 Families

Opening Ceremony of Training Centers

With the continuous financial support of Tearfund (UK) from 2016, JECUP is working with marginalized communities in the areas of Samnabad town (Lahore) and surrounding villages of Raiwind. Females are mostly uneducated unskilled. Many of them belong to deprived families and are compelled to take job as domestic workers where they are mistreated and abused in a hostile work environment. JECUP is working to bring visible change in the lives of women through rights-based and development initiatives. It ensures that women are provided with opportunities to secure and empower them, socially and economically.

Summary of Registered Candidates-Phase 1

Date of inauguration

Venue Candidates


7th April 2019

Redeem Christian Church of God Sultan key, Raiwind



 10th April  2019 United Pentecostal  Church, Mission  Colony, Raiwind



8th April 2019 Raiwing Diocese COP, Nehala



6th  April 2019 New Mission Colony,Raiwind



Opening Sewing Training Center, Redeem Christian Church of God

7th April 2019

The ceremony had 30 registered candidates who were given an introduction of JECUP and the benefits that are available to them through these trainings. The venue for ceremony was arranged by Church Council and Parish Priest whom we are obliged.

 Duration of training: April 2019-September, 2019

Maria Arshad: I am really grateful to God and to the JECUP management for this opportunity.” I am a domestic worker, I daily went to work in others home, I work for them and also heard their abused by their bad language.  But now I took admission in this center. I hope and pray that after receiving this sewing skill, I will become confident in making dresses. I could be financially helpful to my family. I will earned money in respectful way.