This proposed project intends to improve social and economic conditions of under privileged communities of targeted areas. Samnabad Town is mainly consisted of 250,000 population but the project target areas of this town consists of more than 700 Christian families. All living in well-constructed homes (own or rent). 70% of population is Christian and most of them are living there from the time of migration. 80% of population there are sanitary workers, laborers and women are domestic workers. JECUP aims to give a second chance to the under privileged community and build their capacity with the active role of Local Church Leaders. JECUP along with the support of Tearfund UK, and the efforts of its country office based in Islamabad, especially Mr. Ashraf Mall their County Representative and Mr. Arman Francis, Ex-Project Officer took the initiative to strengthen 15 Churches and its congregation of the project area. There is a good number of Churches and Christians in this town normally from Church of Pakistan, Full Gospel Assemblies, Assemblies of God, United Gospel Assemblies and Catholic Church etc.

The Community Development Projects covers three folds:

  1. Opening of 4 Sewing Training Centers and 2 Beautician training centers thus providing skill training to 140 women and girls and helping 40 needy women and girls for small business.
  2. Formation of 6 Self Help groups in 6 different places and thus benefiting around 90 women and girls to help themselves and start small scale businesses.
  3. Providing training to 75 Church Leaders, pastors and fellow workers of the church on Integral Mission.

Self Help GroupsSkill TrainingsUMOJA TrainingsCareer Planning Sessions with Youth

We have been able to form successfully 3 Self-help groups who are functioning properly.

JECUP is providing Beautician and Tailoring Skill Trainings to Domestic House workers and underprivileged women and girls. We have been able to train around 222 women and girls who are now living a life of respect and are financially supportive to their families too. Women who worked as Domestic house workers have left their work and have started their own work now.

Umoja the word which means togetherness in the Swahili language of East Africa Umoja helps Church Leaders and Congregation to work together with the community to bring about positive change for the whole community. It is a process that brings hope, self esteem and transformation to Churches and communities and is about bringing energy and excitement to Churches and communities concerning the positive changes they can make for themselves. It seeks to build on the resources they have and encourage the discovery of new skills and expertise within a community. As mostly development projects are dependent on foreign aid and so leaves individuals and communities worse off. Umoja seeks to do the opposite. Inspiring and equipping the local Church with a vision for determining their own future with their own resources.

JECUP along with Tearfund has trained 125 pastors and leaders who are now actively working in their churches. Further trainings are being held in the coming months.


Photos of Community Development Project