Training for Self-Help group (women)

This is brief report of the one day training workshop on the topic, “Business management & entrepreneurship”, with women of skill training centres and Self Help Group Samanabad, Lahore organized by JECUP, Pakistan in partnership with Tearfund, UK, 2019, from 6:00 pm to 8:30pm, and heldat ChurchSamanbad, Lahore.The teachers and students of different sewing and beautician training centers participated in the workshop.

Welcome and Introduction of participants: Pastor Airf, welcomed the participants, the facilitator Mr. Hector Nihal and shared with the participants the agenda and objectives of the training workshop.

Prayer & Word of God: Pastor Arif, shared the word of God, highlighting the importance of focusing on the care of body and soul both. He said God wants us to develop ourselves physically as well as spiritually. He is interested in the full human development.

 The following key points were discussed by the facilitators.

  • Business management and Entrepreneurship:- Hector Nihal, the facilitator thanked the organizers for providing him this opportunity to share his knowledge and experience on the topic business management and entrepreneurship. He shared the objectives of the session and strategy and used participatory tools to accomplish the objectives of the workshop.
  • The session was based on the following points;
    • Understanding the concept of small business
    • Basic requirement of small business
    • How to manage a small business

Group work:The facilitator divided the participants into small groups and had the income and expenditure analyses of two families using the pitcher as symbol; 1) a family that is doing small business, 2) a family that is an employee?

Group presentation;In the group presentation they highlighted the following points;

  • The both groups realized that they have more expenditure than their income.
  • The participants realized that then need to focus on the savings
  • The facilitator gave a critical analysis of the presentation and highlighted the important points.

Business management: Based on the findings of the presentation the facilitator highlighted the following points to help the participants to understand the concept of small business, and how they can start a small business and small scale level.

    • What is small business?
      • Small business is any work started by an individual or a group, with small amount on small scale, to sell his /her skill or product.
    • What is difference between business and job?
      • In business you are the owner and responsible for its overall management and production, and has a right over its whole income, where are job is that you are working under someone as an employee, and you are paid for your time and skill.
    • What are the key elements of small business?
      • Be aware about the type of skill or product she/he want to sell or produce, develop a business plan
      • Has complete knowledge and information about the business he/she want to do? Market analysis?, He must know his/her customer and their socio economic situation and psychological needs
      • Resource analysis
      • Income and expenditure analysis
    • How we can start a small business as an individual and as a group?
      • Develop a business plan?
      • Mobilize resources
      • Start a business
      • Have regular monitoring and evaluation
      • Learn from mistakes and success